INMES B2B ( is the best consultancy you deserve. With offices located in Moscow, Germany and Spain with qualification and more than 30 years of international experience, we are reliable to find right partners for you in any industry. We can provide you with financial help (asset management) in UK. Here for you we also represent logistic company Kuehne+Nagel Russia, delivering goods from China to Europe via Russia and Kazakhstan, as part of OneBelt-OneRoad initiative.

INMES B2B作为您不可多得的最佳顾问,在莫斯科、德国、西班牙拥有超过30年国际经验并值得信赖的团队为您在任何产业匹配门当户对的合作伙伴。在英国我们也可以支持您融资(资产管理 )作为一带一路倡议的一环,我们代表俄罗斯德迅国际物流公司Kühne + Nagel为您从中国到俄罗斯及哈萨克斯坦提供完整的物流服务。

Kuehne+Nagel (founded in 1890 in Germany entered the Russian market in 1992 and now counts 1500 employees in 20 operational offices in 14 cities, 5 contract logistics sites with about 230 000 sqm and 1 representation office. We deliver best-in-class logistics for the biggest country in the world.

德迅国际物流公司Kuehne + Nagel 在德国成立于1890年,。1992年正式进入俄罗斯市场目前在俄罗斯的14个城市设有20个运营办事处有1500多名员工在莫斯科和圣彼得堡拥有5个合同物流站点和仓储设施,总共230.000 平方米1个代表处。我们是全球最有实力的物流公司,可提供最佳的物流服务。

Considering the growing trade between China and Russia, Kuehne+Nagel has set a dedicated team for this route to support your business, with Chinese, English and Russian-speaking managers for your tailor-made logistic solutions: Seafreight, Airfreight, Rail, Overland, Warehousing (AIB2 food safety), Customs services, Certification assistance, KN Eurasia Express, LCL from China. 

Contact: Zheng Yi Ming, Mobile.Wechat: +7 963 9708627,




许可证:ISO 9001Cargo IQAIB 2仓库食品安全),两份海关许可证全国海关经纪人协会正式成员),TAPA TSR / FSR。