NameClassCapacity fourchetteCapacity banquetRoute Moscow / Moscow regionAdditional ServicesRent rubles per hour min.
Galina Ulanovaluxe10070+ / for extra hargeUnified system of ventilation, heating and air conditioning, floating floor in the lounge, bar, audio-video system10 000
Chizhik 2VIP200120+ / for extra hargeProfessional sound and lighting equipment, music, karaoke-equipped galley10 000
Maestrocomfort500250+ / for extra hargeSound and lighting equipment, music, karaoke, climate control10 000
Gzhel'VIP600300+ / for extra hargeKaraoke, sauna and recreation room, air conditioning, Jacuzzi, air-conditioning in all rooms, plasma TVs, video broadcast, professional audio and lighting equipment, neon lights around the perimeter o10 000
Atlantidacomfort350150+ / for extra harge Sauna, hookah room, ice belt, cuts the ice12 000
Barincomfort400180+ / for extra hargeThe scene, climate control, a sauna with a lounge, air conditioning, Jacuzzi12000
SilverVIP250100+ / for extra hargeThe scene, climate control, a sauna with a lounge, air conditioning, Jacuzzi15000
VatelVIP400220+ / –Automatic climate control, sound-reproducing apparatus, projection and lighting equipment, stage area in the banquet hall, stage, 2 large make-up rooms, laser shows on the ship and the quay, the river29000
Knyaginya Olgacomfort12080– / + Air-conditioning and built-in lighting, audio karaoke, bar with TV8500
Indigoeconomy6030+ / for extra hargeKaraoke, lighting and air conditioning system, bow ladder, stereo, LCD TV (37dyuymov)3500
Azimut 50 «Nerey» Motor yacht VIPVIP12 (without night)6 (with night)for extra harge / +Ability to take on board in any convenient place35000
Aksakovcomfort4525+ / +Hookah bar, professional audio, w / a TV, karaoke, BBQ, Smokehouse, air-conditioning system4500
MirageVIP140100+ / for extra hargeAutomatic climate control, large plasma TV and karaoke microphones4550
Raritetcomfort6030+ / for extra hargePlasma display and karaoke, air-conditioning system, bow ladder for landing5000
Avgustinaluxe200100+ / for extra harge2 air conditioners, large LCD TV, home theater with DVD functions and karaoke, music, speakers located throughout the ship5000
Delfin VIPVIP3520+ / for extra hargeRoom for negotiations and presentations, equipped with high-quality video-audio equipment with a railway to the television screen, a sauna, karaoke, lighting and air conditioning5250
Apel'sin mini-luxeluxe3528+ / +Karaoke, a solarium, a bow ramp for landing5300
Paradoxcomfort6040+ / for extra hargeAudio-video sistema, air-conditioning system and radar5500
Petrovichluxe8040for extra harge / +Sauna, climate control, videokaraoke with a music center5500
Trottercomfort10070for extra harge / +Air conditioning and heating large bar, a karaoke system, plasma TV, sauna5500
Karmelcomfort15080+ / for extra hargeKaraoke, music, mixing console with a microphone, a bar, bow cabin with upholstered furniture, BBQ, sistemamy conditioning and heating6000
Alegriyacomfort15080+ / for extra hargeLumiere, BBQ, full video - audio system, TV, karaoke and light-music. The set of columns, air-conditioning system 6000
Dobrynyacomfort12080+ / for extra hargeBBQ, air-conditioning, powerful equipment (40 kW)6500
Simfoniyacomfort15090+ / for extra hargeA bar, music center, karaoke, air conditioning, bow ladder, deck with hookah hookah, 4 hookah TV6500
Vasiliycomfort11080+ / for extra hargeClimate control, karaoke, BBQ, sound and lighting equipment, television6500
Svyatogorcomfort14070+ / for extra hargeBBQ, karaoke, and climate control6500
Avrora Steam-ship cruiser-restaurant I rank, "Luxcomfort12070+ / for extra hargeA bar, climate control, bow ladder, hookah hall6900
Moscow-cafe 170comfort15060-80+ / –Hi-fi system with karaoke system, DVD player, light and smoke and installation, TV-equipped galley, a bar6900
Novaya Zvezda 105`luxe2510+ / for extra hargeSauna with this steam shower and a spacious living room. For recreation, guests watercraft and motor boat (two people)60000
Agitatorluxe10070 + / –All the necessary music equipment, karaoke, plasma, sauna, air-conditioning7000
Neva-2comfort10080+ / +Air conditioning, television, music, karaokeplazma, sauna, air-conditioning7700
ChaykaVIP10050+ / for extra hargeMusic center, air-conditioning8000
Raketatravel 64 max.160+ / +Speed - 60 km / h